To all our Beleura Family – Welcome to the start of the footy season.

My name is David Waterhouse, and I am the newly appointed President of our Sports Club.

This year we have 5 new committee members that have joined.  I’d personally like to thank them for putting their hand up to help drive the club in the right direction. We’ve had a very big off season and the committee have been working diligently to get the season off to a flying start.

Coaches for Football were appointed before Christmas which made us extremely happy.

I’d like to thank our four first time coaches and the returning five coaches for stepping up when asked to fulfill a job.

As you are probably all aware, all the teams have started their pre-season training.  The numbers have been a little slow for some of our teams, but we are pretty confident that numbers will increase the further we get into pre-season training.  In saying that if you know of any child/ren or your own child/ren have a friend that would love to come down and join in with training, please feel free to bring them along.

With Covid effecting the last 2 years out on the footy field, it has also affected our social side of things.  We’d like to redeem that this year with more family friendly and adult functions throughout the year.

Hopefully most of our families attended the 50(+2) year Birthday celebration on the 6th of March at the Club a couple of weeks ago.  With the induction of “The Legends”, Life members and also, “50 Year Birthday” of the Club it was a great family day and everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  We also had 2 games of footy on that day.  A Parents v’s Kids game and a legends game.  We will be looking to incorporate these activities annually as everyone there had a laugh and giggle watching the players out on the field.  The food truck services were a hit too. If you weren’t there you missed out on a great day.

Congratulations to all awards winners on the day.

One last thing before I sign off.  Our Club is run by helpers and volunteers.  You as parents are the only helpers that we can call on. We have over 100 players from Footy and potentially another 100 from Basketball & Netball.  If every parent could “donate” an hour or 2 of their time throughout the year that equates to well over 200 hours of volunteer time that the committee doesn’t have to fill.  We are a committee of 12 that are working hard so that your child enjoys their time at Beleura and that we raise enough money to keep the fees as low as we possibly can.

Enough said.  Thanks for reading my first post.  Hopefully I’ll be sending one out every 2 weeks or so to keep our members in the know.  The club will call on Volunteers at some stage of the year and would love if people just put their hand up.  Remember this is yours and your child’s club and we want everyone to enjoy their time here.


David Waterhouse


Beleura Junior Sports Club